Women Of Crypto Art Featured In Vogue: Article at NFT Plazas

woman with long hair sitting in front of computer monitor showing colorful artI did a short guest post at NFT Plazas about Vogue’s coverage of women in cryptoart including WOCA (Women Of Crypto Art).

Vogue Features Women Creating CryptoArt

Vogue Magazine has been taking a look at women making NFT art and the gendered challenges they face…

One group seeking to change the situation is Women of Crypto Art or WOCA. Vogue spoke with GixelXFlorex, a WOCA cofounder and early innovator in the cryptoart scene, about what the group is doing.

She revealed that they are currently working on building a WOCA Museum in Cryptovoxels to house cryptoart by women. The group has already held the She Art event in Cryptovoxels which was a huge success.

How Women Are Carving Out a Space of Their Own in the NFT Market