Introducing NFT Entrepreneur: A Newsletter About NFT Business

letters nft in pink on dark reddish purple backgroundNFT Entrepreneur will soon release its first full issue on NFT Funding Startup News. Please go here to subscribe.

Multiple link/summary issues will follow because I’d like to get caught up on major NFT business news from the start of the year. It’s been a busy time.

When I settle in, I’ll know better how to proceed but I envision a weekly links/summary post on NFT business news across use cases. More thorough looks at particular topics will appear irregularly.

As I’m going through news and setting up my news filtering process, I’m also seeing many topics worth diving into so it should be fairly straightforward except for finding the time to do some real analysis.

Likely upcoming themes include:

NFT startup funding

Musicians embracing NFTs

New Developments in NFT x DeFi

Some of you know me from my @fluxresearch Twitter account as well as my role as founder of @cryptoartnet. I talk about my background as a web publisher and business writer, including my days writing about music tech startups for Hypebot, in a post at NFT Entrepreneur.

I’ll be archiving the newsletter at the NFT Entrepreneur website and posting additional news via Twitter @nftentrepreneur. I also have a LinkedIn page.

I will likely be developing resource pages at NFT Entrepreneur as well and will announce such additions via this newsletter and at About NFT Entrepreneur.

If you want to connect, please use the NFT Entrepreneur contact form. I’ll also be readily available via Twitter. Would love to know which NFT topics you’d like to know more about especially as they relate to NFT startups, founders and investors.

Clyde F. Smith